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You will find all the types of Bollards: Granite, stainless or steel, electric or mechanical.
Our electric bollards: IMPERATRICE (granite bollard), COMTESSE (steel bollard), DAUPHINE (steel or inox bollard)
Our mecanic bollards: DUCHESSE (granite bollard), BARONNE (steel bollard), PRINCESSE (steel or inox bollard)
Our other bollards: CHATELAINE (removable bollard), AMAZONE (removable bollard), DIANE (fixed bollard)
SMR company : repair, maintenance, breakdown service and sale of spare parts of all materials of Roadway system and Public works.


EDIS has adapted solutions to each case with its silent, discrete and well integrated bollards which can resist the hardest conditions.


This qualities have allowed EDIS to be chosen in numerous countries and gain confidence from all municipal officials and their technicians.

Our products are already in Finland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algérie and in France in Toulouse, Lyon, Paris, Rodez, Antibes and many other cities.


Are the only imperatives that guided the conception of EDIS products.They make maintenances so much easier and assure longevity as well as heaviest utilization.


EDIS Bollards, of a tested solidity, answer the requirements of safety and protection. Electronics combined with EDIS Bollards, allow all types of access control.

BORNE EN ACIER OU INOX      BORNE EN GRANIT 300/450     BORNE EN ACIER 240/400 - 240/500
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